There Are How Many Criminal Illegals Running Free?

When DHS starts rounding up all the illegals that are to be deported, things are really going to get interesting. It might surprise you to know that recent arrests are just a drop in the bucket compared to the number that has slipped through the cracks under the last administration. The current crackdown is nothing, those arrested amount to less than 0.007 percent of illegals that have exhausted their appeals to stay in the country.


Meanwhile, there are almost 1 million that are currently under a deportation order, according to statistics provided to Congress. The actual number of illegals that have had their day in court, and been refused admission stands at about 950,062, a far cry from the 680 arrested in recent sweeps by U.S. Customs and  Immigration  Enforcement agents. At least that was the number as of almost a year ago, May 21, 2016.

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Thomas D. Homan, acting ICE director, revealed the size of the problem the agency faces in its attempts to deport illegals, that have been given their “final orders of removal.” Homan said ICE has custody of just 11,006, of the 950,062 illegals ordered deported.

As a result, ICE is in the process of gearing up to find the remaining 99% not in detention by hiring an additional 15,000 agents as a start to  beefing up its force.  In addition, there are an estimated 3 million more illegals with criminal records the agency intends to make a priority. ICE admitted to congress the numbers may have slightly declined, but Homan admits deporting criminal illegals was not a priority in the last months of the Obama administration.

Experts on the subject said that the biggest reason for the huge number of illegals still at large is the many sanctuary cities across the nation. Most of the illegals have been picked up on other charges, but those cities have refused to hold them or to cooperate with federal officials.

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“The question I think people should be asking is, ‘Why are there so many criminal aliens who are at large?'” said Jessica M. Vaughan, director of policy studies for the Center for Immigration Studies. Ms. Vaughan added: “Why does ICE have to take to the streets to find these people? One reason is because so many criminal aliens have been released by sanctuary policies. If you look at the list of cities where these operations took place, many of them are sanctuaries. ICE has to do these kinds of operations when they are prevented from arresting criminal aliens while they are in jail.”

She explained that those slated for removal are simply floating in cities. They’re either not required to check in with authorities or ignore that requirement. In Homan’s answers to Senator Chuck Grassley, he said that “Individuals on ICE’s non-detained docket with final orders of removal are released under conditions designed to ensure their compliance with their immigration obligations.”

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Translation: the vast majority were released either on their “own recognizance”, or with varying degrees of supervision. That could range from “out on bond,” to “periodically checking” in with an automated phone line or occasional visits to see an ICE agent. These illegals are free to go where they want, when they want and nothing has been done for the last 8 years to stop them.




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