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New Footage REVEALS How Many Have DIED From The Vaccine!

There are so many reasons why Tucker Carlson is the best in the biz, and this is just another one to add to the growing list. Unlike other mainstream media talking heads who just push the leftists narrative, Carlson reports and questions.

For example, Carlson recently aired a segment on his show that asking just how many people have died taking the COVID-19 vaccine. In all honesty, that is a legitimate question to ask if we are all so concerned about health, right?

The COVID-29 vaccine does have side effects and to push that aside and ban people from even discussing them is rather reckless if you ask me.

The public has every right to know what the dangers are and how this experimental jab could affect them to make an informed decision. However, the big tech giants are hell-bent on making sure no one knows the risks and has gone as far as to ban anyone who mentions them on their platforms.

As mentioned above, Carlson aired this segment bringing up these legitimate questions and it was then uploaded to YouTube, and guess what?

YouTube banned the video.

That’s right: Tucker is being removed from YouTube left and right.

And other social media giants began following suit.

See below:

Fortunately, if you missed the segment, you can still watch it.

Even though the video has been removed from YouTube, it is still available on Rumble.

If you haven’t watched Tucker Carlson dissect the FACTS and actual NUMBERS about the COVID-19 vaccine, we encourage you to do so before the video gets banned.

Watch on Rumble:

Share this video so everyone can see it before these big tech giants get to Rumble too.

Your health depends on it.



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