How Many Other Republican Candidates Were Spied on By Obama Administration

This is an opinion piece and is just me asking questions I feel our elected officials should be checking on for us.  All the talk is about how Obama spied on Donald Trump’s campaign.  My question is were any other republican candidates spied on?  The timing of the spying on Trump is very important.  Some say it was before the nomination and others say before he announced as a candidate.

If he was surveilled before announcing, then any spying on him had absolutely nothing to do with Russia and everything to do with politics.  And if that is true (And I’m not saying it is because I don’t know) why would they only spy on him because at the time he was thought to have no chance of winning the nomination. Could there be a Bush dossier or a Carson dossier or even a Fiorina dossier?  Think about it.  The only reason we know about the spying on Trump was the leaks and there was no reason to leak anything about the other candidates because they lost.

Now, if the surveillance started in July, Trump looked to be the nominee and it could make sense to spy only on him or possibly Cruz also.  But even so the leaking proved that it wasn’t about Russia but about politics.  It is now being rumored, mostly by Mike Cernovich of Medium.com that it was Susan Rice who requested the documents be made public, even though it would be a direct violation of US law.  If true, she needs to be locked up for a lengthy period of time unless she names higher ups.  Presumably Barack Obama or George Soros.

Comey needs to go and be replaced with someone competent.  Then name a special prosecutor and Trump has a good candidate for the job right now.  Chris Christie.  Now, before you boo, look up his record as a federal prosecutor on corruption cases.  How many of those cases do you think he won?  He won them all.  Give him the job and cut him loose.

But first things first.  Investigate and see if other republicans were spied on.  If they were, we have a much bigger scandal than Watergate ever was.  It could mean the end of the democratic party as we know it.

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