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How Many Presidents Had Fewer Nominees Confirmed in History

The democrats are digging themselves a hole they will never be able to crawl out from under, unlike the rock under which they were spawned.  But then again, they may believe like I do that it could be decades before a democrat wins the White House again.  The last president to have fewer cabinet nominees confirmed is George Washington, who was elected before they were any cabinet positions.  Obama had 7 confirmed on day one.  Trump still doesn’t have 7 confirmed cabinet members confirmed.



Mitch McConnell stated:

“We’re no longer in the midst of a contentious presidential election. We have a new president and that president has put forth an exceptional Supreme Court nominee and a number of well-qualified cabinet nominees.  And yet more than two weeks into his term, President Trump has the fewest cabinet secretaries confirmed than any other president since George Washington. The president deserves to have his cabinet in place. The American people deserve that as well.”

From The Washington Post:

The practice of vetting president’s cabinet nominees began after President Jimmy Carter’s pick to head up the Office of Management and Budget, Bert Lance, sailed through confirmation only to resign a few months later amid controversy and scandal, The Post noted.

However, while presidents following Carter up until Trump had well over the majority of their cabinet in place two weeks into their term, the nominees could also face potential filibusters, a procedure no longer available to the minority in the Senate to block cabinet level nominees, as a result of a rules change from then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid when Democrats held the gavel.


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