• May 27, 2024

Kaepernick Is Hailed As Hero, Army Is Scolded For Taking Knee In Prayer

Let me ask a question, What is the difference between professional football players kneeling quietly during the national anthem and told it is their right, and a football team kneeling in same fashion, but it is not their right? It goes to show you the change in course this once great nation has taken, and not for the better, I might add.

According to Toddstarnes:

The controversy arose after Coach Jeff Monken asked a staff assistant to lead the football team in a prayer after their upset victory over Temple University. It was first reported by Army Times.The Military Religious Freedom Foundation, filed a complaint over the post-game petition to the Almighty.  They alleged that 90 West Point graduates, staff members and football players were apparently horrified that young men were praying in a locker room.“Every vestige of Christianity is being driven underground in the military.”— LT. GEN. (RET.) JERRY BOYKIN

To think giving thanks to the Almighty, no matter what you think it might be, should cause such a stir. Tim Tebow did it and he was chastized. A football team does it and the very foundation of the government quakes. An activist supporting Black Lives Matter is hailed as a revolutionary for siding with criminals for being shot in the act of committing crimes, using the same gesture. Something how that works. What do you think?



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