“I just killed somebody!” – Here’s more on last night’s Kenosha shootings [VIDEOS]

Here’s a video from Drew Hernandez that shows what was happening before the first shooting in Kenosha last night. Twitter is having issues, so I put the video on my system:



It isn’t clear to me what happened to cause the first shooting, but it appears the mob was about to torch the Car Source lot. As the video progresses, I believe I heard a gunshot, then someone shouted: “let’s get him”. There appear to be people running toward the teenager with the rifle, who I believe was the same teenager later defending himself in the street, based on his clothing and appearance and the reddish bag over his shoulder.

It’s hard to tell but the teen may have turned around, and then I heard heavier gunshots that could have come from a rifle. Then I heard even louder gunshots, perhaps louder because of the direction they were aimed or maybe from a different gun. People were fleeing at that point. I heard 8 gunshots altogether, one by itself, then four, then three.

The teenager, wearing a ballcap in the video, gets on his phone and it sounds to me like you can hear him say as he’s fleeing the scene “I just killed somebody.” Again it was hard to tell exactly why this happened so I’m not drawing conclusions.

Next, we see the teenager in the ballcap with the same reddish bag running down the street, presumably from the car lot shooting. People are shouting ‘get him’.

This is the video that went viral earlier today, which we’ve already analyzed. The teenager falls to the ground, gets attacked by someone with a jump kick who tries to take his gun, a teenager shoots him. Another person attacks the teenager with a skateboard who he also shots. A third person attacks the teenager with a gun and he gets shot in the arm.


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1 Comment

  1. Bill Carithers

    August 27, 2020 at 11:52 AM

    This young man is at least doing some thing positive to stop the looting and burning, law enforcement has their hands tied by state and local politicians so it falls back on the civilian population to step up. . . .Thank God we still have 2nd amendment. Dont arrest and charge this young msn give him a medal !

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