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Idiotic Facebook Users: Step Away From the Keyboard and No One Gets Hurt


You don’t have to be a genius to be on Facebook, but these FB messages prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt.  In fact, being a moron can’t stop you.  Hilarious Facebook posts that will keep you laughing.

These idiotic sentiments have been immortalised thanks to social media. Luke's gaffe, above, not only left him red-faced but also suddenly single

He needs a woman with a sense of humor

The cringe-worthy moments, like confusing the term 'Hippocrates' and 'hypocrites', happened on Facebook and Twitter

Do you suppose he meant hypocrites?

They include unfortunate misspellings to terrible jokes gone wrong, as well as cutting corrections like the one above

Another said: 'My teacher is so dumb. He thought the sun was a star'

This guy must be a daughter because he couldn’t possibly be a sun.  he’s not that bright.

One Facebook user struggled to tell Austria and Australia apart

Please donate today to the geographically challenged

Steph didn't have the best grasp on how online shopping works and was left in a rather awkward situation after someone played a trick on her online

She once got mugged by a first class letter

Another suffered a bit of confusion after mistaking a quote involving texting for one by Marilyn Monroe

To err is human…but to really screw up you need a computer…Alexander Pope 1723

Another embarrassed themselves when they thought James Cameron's epic film Titanic was complete fiction

Kate Winslet wasn’t even alive in 1912

One young woman was chastised for posting a picture of herself drinking in the driver's seat of a car with the caption 'Cheers to a great night!'

Smart move.  Now the cops won’t have to give you a breathalyzer test

In a bid to show off her make-up this poster made a crucial error by covering her mouth with her phone

Great idea  Hide your lips so your jealous girlfriends can’t copy you

One bragging mother attempted to display her child's superior intellect with a grammar test, but both mother and daughter were incorrect

Reminds me of the time the teacher complained to my father that when I added 6 plus 7 I came up with 14.  My dad told her not to be so hard on me, after all I only missed it by 2

A man named Alexander is going to have an upset stomach, but also a red face when he realises his error

He once caught the flue while cleaning the chimney

This Facebook user asked for others to help them prove that their generation is lazy

Her brother is so lazy he married a pregnant woman

Alex missed one tiny detail when asking people to text her to find out her number

Doesn’t eat up all your minutes that way

JohnnyKeller provided the world with a misspelled conspiracy theory

And Hillary Clinton spelled backwards in “Money grubbing lying pile of white trash”

Twitter user Chanel was lost on the last name of Barack Obama

Juana…Obama Juana is very addictive and makes you spout really stupid crap just like Tourettes does

In trying to correct people's understanding of the pronunciation of 'carpal tunnel', this Twitter user managed to embarrass themselves

I have no reply

Misspelling of diseases was quite common, with this Twitter user worried about 'himroids'

But if you do make sure you take your birth control first

Markie2Fresh mispelled the Eiffel Tower, which he'd like to have sex on. Ifold is actually a hamlet in West Sussex

A do it yourself folding tower…….Brilliant!!

It's just two letters, but the 'g' and 'e' in 'cologne' are vital to avoid misunderstandings

Time to wash it don’t you think?

This Twitter user believes Oscar winner and environmentalist Leonardo Di Caprio is responsible for the famous Mona Lisa painting

Was that before or after the birth of Alexander the Grape?

User Ms Tootie will be waiting a long time for that million if she sticks with this calculation

Now we know who counted heads at Screwy Louis’s Million Man March

Pouring salad in your wounds is something that a person who loves you will never do, according to this user

Gordon Ramsey 2011

A user named Queen Victoria has this philosophical question to ask

We could put a recorder in your pocket.  How does next Tuesday work for you?

While Pat MaHiney's sentiment may be wise, her way of communicating it is not


Oh the irony! Let's hope this young lady as better luck in her romantic endeavours next time

Eye sore dew

Someone needs to explain imperial measurements to Lil'Aja

Now we know who they used to do the math for Obamacare

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