• June 21, 2024

If Democrats Really Pinned All Their Election Hopes on This One Thing, They Really Could Be in Trouble

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sent out an email Thursday afternoon telling supporters they may have to “accept defeat” because an earlier fundraising pitch form Hillary Clinton had failed to raise enough money apparently needed to defeat the GOP.

“We are completely out of ideas,” the email’s first line said.

“After Hillary Clinton emailed you this morning to ask for help, we really thought we would be in a better place,” it continued.

“But we aren’t. The Koch Brothers are pummeling us spending millions against us. Republicans are spending $26 MILLION against us this week alone — the most of the entire election. So big — it doesn’t even look like Hillary Clinton’s email can dig us out of this hole,” the email added.

Wow, they really had high hopes for just one Hillary email. via @tobyharnden pic.twitter.com/rEyDdLcHec

— John Ekdahl (@JohnEkdahl) October 30, 2014

The email concluded asking for more donations to the DCCC.

“If we can bring in 35,OOO donations before tomorrow’s fundraising deadline, we can get back on track before Tuesday’s election,” the fundraising pitch concluded.

Clinton had sent out an email earlier Thursday imploring supporters to donate to the DCCC, telling them the “down-to-the-wire election will have major consequences for our future.”

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