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If Jeb Forgot To Do This During The Campaign, What Would He Forget As POTUS?

This is really funnier than tragic, but it does illustrate one thing. Jeb has spent more money on his campaign than anyone in the GOP and he couldn’t hire someone to handle this very small detail. Not a good sign Jeb. Time to hang it up. You’ve been Trumped.

I feel as though the picture above perfectly describes what has taken place.

The situation has left me with one question… HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?

GOP nominee Jeb Bush may not be the most technical guy in the world, but I guarantee you he has a team of internet gurus working hard for him every day.

Somehow, no one caught this ahead of time.

Good ole Jeb forgot to renew his website domain, and one billionaire was ready to capitalize on the moment. That’s right, GOP front-runner Donald Trump waited until the domain expired, and quickly snatched it up and redirected the page to his website.

In politics, everything is fair game. Props to the Don for pulling this savage move off.

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