• April 15, 2024

If You’re Gonna Commit A Felony, Would It Be For This?

People commit crimes for all kinds of reasons, but if you were gonna put yourself on the line would it be for … cookies? Yes, there is a cookie monster bandit. For real.

A suspect believed to be the so-called “Cookie Monster” robber has been apprehended by Texas cops.

Authorities claim Eugene Bradshaw — along with Kristy George — is responsible for 33 armed robberies of Houston restaurants during a two-month span. During the hold-up, the duo would allegedly ask for a cookie in addition to cash.

“We called him the ‘Cookie Monster’ because he would ways pick up a bag of cookies like he was going to buy them and then when the cashier was ringing them up he’d produce a weapon and demand money,” Deputy Thomas Gilliland tells PEOPLE“George, his accomplice, would stay in the get-away car while [Bradshaw] was inside,” Gilliland adds.

According to Reuters, Bradshaw was ID’d by cops as the person pictured in surveillance tapes with a bag over his head. The pair have been charged with suspicion of armed robbery with a deadly weapon.

Crimefeed.com has more on this story.

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