• November 28, 2021

Illegal Alien Commits Felonies in 3 States, Obama Let’s Him Stay to Commit Murder

I really wish some bright young US Attorney would make the case that Obama allowing felonious illegal aliens to stay is therefore culpable for the crimes they commit under the depraved indifference statute.  It seems like a couple of times a week we read about an illegal alien who was allowed to remain in the US despite committing violent crimes, who then take the final step with an outright murder.  Obama cried that their home countries refused to take them back.

Well, why would they.  By refusing them, crime remains lower there, Obama refused to cut off their foreign aid or to cut off all visas from that country to the US.  Under Obama their was no price to pay for telling him to f**k off.  His spine was made of Silly Putty and his brain was deeclared MIA by the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Sandra Hehir’s body was found in her apartment on February 5, according to The Boston Globe.

The Worcester district attorney’s office said it obtained DNA evidence which links Jose Melendez, 54, to the crime.

Melendez, who was arrested last week, has a history of run-ins with law enforcement.

He reportedly defaulted on probation in 2014 in a breaking and entering case, and he also faces charges in two drug cases in Worcester.

Melendez was arraigned on murder charges in Worcester District Court on Monday. His next hearing is scheduled for April 13.

He has also faced criminal charges in New York and Florida.

An official with Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed to Daily Mail Online on Friday that the agency had placed a detainer on Melendez on March 20 – the day that he was arraigned.


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