Illegal Alien Released by Obama Goes on Crime Spree Including Murder


An illegal alien that was arrested in Lake County Ohio, was released due to policies Obama initiated through one of his executive orders.  After his release, he went on a crime spree that included a murder, 4 attempted murders, rape  of a corpse, attempted rape of his fourteen year old niece and  various other charges, totaling 16 charges in all.  Just weeks before his crime spree

Juan Manuel Razo Ramirez was arrested during a traffic stop just weeks before and was released when immigration authorities refused to take custody of him due to changes in immigration policies put in place by Obama.  Ramirez went on to murder sixty year old Margaret “Peggy” Kostelnik.  He then raped her corpse.  Later, he shot and wounded another woman who was walking down the street, tried to rape his fourteen year old niece and tried to kill three police officers.

Bail was set for ten million dollars and his lawyer argued that the bail should be lowered, so his client could get out on bail.  Mary Kable, the second woman Ramirez shot appeared at the bail hearing and pleaded with the judge not to lower Ramirez’s bail.  The judge ultimately denied the request and Ramirez has been remanded in lieu of bond.

This is just one more case of an illegal immigrant being allowed to remain in the country thanks to the ill advised policies of Barack Obama and going on to commit heinous crimes.  Pointing out that illegals commit a large amount of crimes in this country is one of the things that launched the presidential campaign of Donald Trump and made him the instant front runner status for the republican nomination, which he has kept since then with only minor challenges as of yet.

Ramirez’s lawyer claims he is mentally deficient and that disqualifies him from prosecution.  That may not wash it didn’t prevent Obama from becoming president of the United States.

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