• June 13, 2024

Illegal Immigrant Posing As Policeman Gives Children Evil “Gift”

A Muslim man approached a group of little boys and told them not to panic because he was a police officer and just needed to ask them something. However, the children were horrified when he pulled an item from his pocket and attempted to give it to them.

Abdi Waise is a 28-year-old illegal immigrant from Somalia, statistically one of the most dangerous countries in the world. Fortunately for him, the West is welcoming in an unlimited amount of unscreened migrants whether they come from actual war zones or not.

After arriving in the UK as a migrant, Waise decided to pass the time while living off of the glorious benefits London offers by kidnapping a young woman and brutally raping her in 2008. After serving just 7 years in prison, Waise got out of being deported by appealing on the grounds that it would violate his human rights. With that, he was back on the streets in January, planning his next move.

Daily Mail reports that only 3 weeks after the convicted rapist was released on license this year, he kidnapped a little girl and attempted to abduct many others. Perhaps the most disturbing thing about the abduction was the way he targeted these little girls.

Waise posed a police officer in plain clothing, telling various children that he is a cop and needs to question them. However, the sickest part is that when he wasn’t able to fool the girls into willingly coming with him, he attempted to get little boys involved.

Waise reportedly offered young boys $26 if they could get any of the girls to take liquid isopropyl nitrate, also known as poppers. He told the boys that the concoction, which is sometimes used as a date rape drug, would make the girls faint, and he added, “If you give it to girls you can do what you want to them.”

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