• May 26, 2022

INSANITY: NJ High School Demands Mental Testing For Student Who Criticized Gun Control


Manville High School has declared itself as the arbiter of free speech.  Not in allowing it but in it’s censorship.  Student Frank Harvey was given an assignment by his teacher and it was approved.  He planned on doing a paper critical of gun control.  He gave many instances where legal gun owners have saved their lives by defending themselves under the 2nd Amendment.  He also included some cartoons satirizing gun free zones.  One day while working at the library, Harvey left a flash drive behind and another student found it and reported him to the administrators.

The administrators then called the police who showed up on Harvey’s doorstep.  The police cleared him after a brief visit and a few questions.  The school however immediately suspended Harvey and declared he would not be readmitted until he underwent a 5 hour mental evaluation.  Harvey and his mother had a message for the school, “F*&k you”.  Harvey will instead get his GED.  After the school made a hugen deal out of it, Harvey’s teacher claimed she never approved the assignment, which of course makes no sense, since doing an unapproved topic would result in failure.

From The Blaze:

Ultimately, the seemingly well-intentioned student — who told News 12 New Jersey he has “never been a violent person” — was cleared by law enforcement officers. However, school officials suspended him and mandated he go through a five-hour psychological evaluation before he can return to school.

Rather than come to his defense, the teacher who allegedly assigned the project claimed she did not recall ever giving him the project.

Harvey — in agreement with his mother — has refused to undergo the evaluation and will instead complete high school through GED tests.

“I am not taking him for a psychological evaluation because this teacher is lying and won’t own up to what she did,” Harvey’s mother said.

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