• April 15, 2024

Instant Karma Watch!! [WATCH] Clever Homeowner Turn The Tables On This Package Thief!

A California homeowner got the last laugh after a alleged thief attempted to take a package from his porch.
Ken Jensen of Concord said his daughter alerted him Friday to a man who had pulled up his car into the family’s driveway and was running toward the door, where a delivered package was on the porch.

Jensen ran after the man and was able to pull a purse out of the man’s passenger side window as he attempted to flee.
Jensen turned over the purse to investigators, but police warn his behavior was risky, and you should always call police in a situation like this.
From the video’s description:
A man who took a package from the front porch of a home near Denkinger Rd. in Concord gets a swift case of karma when the homeowner runs out of the home and gives chase. This happened at 4:12pm on Friday Sep.25. These people have no fear, three cars in the driveway and the female in the passenger seat even made eye contact with our grown daughter through the window.



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