• June 20, 2024

[WATCH]Viral video captures Iranian woman dancing, defying strict Islamic code

A new viral video believed to have been shot in Iran shows a woman dancing joyously atop a car and tossing aside her hijab, in the latest example of women defying the Islamic republic’s strict religious code.

The video, which could not independently be verified, starts off showing the woman wearing hijab and a long black top, or manteaux, and jeans. As she continues her dancing, she removes her hijab, hearing the cheering of those watching.

The Islamic Republic of Iran enforces a strict dress code in which women must have their heads covered and wear three-quarter tops, which cover their waist and hips.

The video, like many others that have gone viral in the past, is being circulated online, as many, particularly Iranians, are celebrating the woman’s courage. But the woman in the video, who could potentially be identified from the footage, could face punishment from either the government or private enforcers of Sharia, or both.

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