• June 27, 2022

Is Corporate Media Skewing Polling Data To Drive Votes?

If you’ve been keeping track of this election cycle, you’ve probably noticed that the polls have been less than accurate, more than once. It makes it nearly impossible to pre-determine election outcomes. It makes you kind of wonder just how much influence media and big money corporations have had an influence in the past. The Conservative Treehouse has put together an interesting set of info/facts that might just make you a little testy. That is if you are like a lot of people, who are swimming against the polling stream, and are sick and tired of being led by the nose, being told who to vote for, what products to buy, and initiatives to support.

Call it likelihood, call it probability, call it intellectual honesty, or call it something else; it matters not – there’s overwhelming evidence the Wisconsin battleground stakes are so consequential that much of the current data being presented by the media is agenda driven.

Before explaining the insufferable fingerprints of corporate media influence, the first and most important takeaway must be emphasized.  Regardless of everything, a strong voter turnout is critical.  All efforts, for all candidates, should be made to get out supporters on election day.

There’s far too much sketchy data – the simplest message must be sent: Just Go Vote

The polling data being distributed by the national media is starkly detached from the generally identified primary expressions in Wisconsin ground reports, comment sections of various local publications, discussion groups, social media and beyond.

In addition, there’s substantive evidence of data corruption:

A few Days Ago:

Sources within Marquette’s law school claimed that computer systems were accessed remotely without the approval of the school by “various parties”, and the school said it is reviewing its policies to determine how to prevent such a leak in the future. (link)

The stakes for Wall Street are very high, perhaps the highest they have been since the election began.  Wisconsin is taking on a rather inflated role; similar to Florida in the 2012 presidential primary (Romney -vs Gingrich), only with more outside sources of money pouring in via the several active Stop Trump Super-PACs.

A CBS poll released today drives home the issue.   Both Democrats and Republicans in Wisconsin were polled, this is one of the delivered outcomes:

More at The Last Refuge.

Is Corporate Media Skewing Polling Data To Drive Votes?

The 49 – 47 outcome is beyond ridiculous.  This is Wisconsin, the epicenter of the progressive  movement in the United States.  There is absolutely NO WAY such a polling outcome is even remotely accurate.

A more likely scenario is Bernie Sanders beating Hillary Clinton 65 to 35 (‘ish’).  Perhaps Hillary could do a bit better, and Sanders 60 to Clinton 40 is a possibility; but beyond that a person would have to join Alice (borrow her looking glass), and put aside the past 6 years of Wisconsin electoral history, to find any possibility of a close Sanders -v- Clinton race.

There is simply NO WAY Sanders doesn’t beat Clinton by large double digits.

Bernie could show up Monday wearing 5″ stiletto heels, a sequined body suit and Carmen Miranda hat, and start twerking a statue of Che Guevara in front of the capitol – he’d still win by double digits….

It’s a no-brainer.

So why would CBS be pushing a “tight race” on the Democrat side in Wisconsin?

It’s really not that difficult to figure out.  The corporate media is, after all, a division of the UniParty.   Wisconsin is an open primary state (duh, it’s progressive HQ folks), and the UniParty sellers want Dems, Greens and Indies to think Bernie needs the votes.

Why?  Because the Vichy corporatists who control the MSM information don’t want those same Dems, Greens and Indies supporting Donald Trump.   The political machine wants to pull out all of the stops to shut down Trump; they’ll deal with the pesky Bernie later on if needed.

Is Corporate Media Skewing Polling Data To Drive Votes?

Both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have an alignment on “Economic Political Issues”.  Both have accurately identified the problem of what’s killing the middle class; both have identified bad trade deals and Wall Street’s corrupt corporate interests; where they differ is in the solutions.

The first reason a “blue collar billionaire” and a “socialist from Vermont” have attracted an economic policy following, is because on the issue of corrupted corporatism they are both truthful about the problem and aligned.   The second reason is they both exhibit the first rule of emotional voter connection, they LISTEN.

….’Seek first to understand, then to be understood’….

A voter who is focused on “Main Street economics” can either go with Bernie or with Trump depending on who they think is best equipped to break up the current Wall Street corporatist system.

For further fingerprint evidence you can look into the polling internals to see how oddly shaped the bell curves are for each of the demographics and their political priorities.

We’ll use “Key Voter Issues” to highlight the skewering:

Is Corporate Media Skewing Polling Data To Drive Votes?

You’ll note that Donald Trump leads on six out of eight of the top “key voter issues”.

Trump leads on: ♦  “Terrorism” ♦ “Changing the Political System” ♦  “Immigration” ♦“Bringing Back Jobs” ♦ “Trade Policy”, and most importantly of all ♦ “Defeating Hillary Clinton In November”.

However, this is the presented polled outcome overall:

Is Corporate Media Skewing Polling Data To Drive Votes?

Go to The Conservative Treehouse for the full polling data.

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