• November 27, 2022

Is Social Media Biased? Does It Hate Conservatives To The Point Of Censorship?

A couple days I was woken by my phone at 3:32 AM. “Brian”, whose company runs my Instagram account, was calling me in a deep panic. The Spartacus Strategies Instagram, my company’s account, was taken down and canceled. The Spartacus Strategies Instagram account has pictures of barely–clothed females kissing each other, holding guns near their private parts, smoking pot and drinking magnum bottles of Champagne with their magnum and magnificent breasts and smiles. “Brian”, deeply perturbed and appalled by the Orwellian censorship, said we were removed from Instagram for “bullying.”

You probably are wondering how sexy and lustful women smoking pot, kissing each other, and holding 50-calibre Desert Eagles over their bare breasts or beautiful buns is bullying. That would make two of us! “Brian” had put a column I had written for the Dailysurge.com in the Bio section of the account. The column, titled “Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham are big fat liars”, was a piece that showed how Amy Schumer was nowhere near size six but most likely a size 12 on a skinny day and had absolutely no business being on the cover of any magazine with the exception of Krispy Kreme monthly. The column offended both ladies and their mean-spirited, angry and fat fans then had Instagram remove my account for telling the truth. Liberals call it “Bullying” when a conservative writes facts that make them upset.

After having my first amendment rights assaulted by Instagram I decided to do some research to see how often Social Media is silencing and suppression free speech of conservatives. What I discovered was shocking; there is no free speech for conservatives on social media. Social media has become like the college campuses around the country; conservatives are not allowed to express their ideas or thoughts without being punished, silenced or expelled.

In 2013, multiple black conservative groups were claiming that their twitter accounts were shut down for no apparent reasons. The national black pro-life Coalition had their account taken down when they tweeted that the group would be protesting the NAACP at the image awards. Within minutes of the tweet announcing the protest their Twitter account was canceled. Twitter then sent a message to the group that required them to acknowledge they had been reported and that they needed to change their behavior. National Black Pro-life Coalition complied with the Stalinist demands and their account was restored. But a week later when they put out another tweet accusing the NAACP of betraying the black community the account was shut down AGAIN.

This past January Twitter waged war on Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos by un-verifying and suspended his account for his thoughts and views on immigration, terrorism, and other hot topic issues. Are you kidding me? Twitter is a gutter and cesspool full of nasty tweets, death threats, and insults against almost every possible demographic. You can have ISIS accounts wanting to kill Americans or even Anti-Semitic ones with vile and venomous comments against Israel and Jews. However, if you dare start being against open Borders and more Muslim Migration you will be shut down.

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