• October 1, 2022

What Is This MAJOR Relief Foundation Really Doing With Your Generous Donations? You Will Be Surprised…

There are few things as “American” as giving to one another and to the world in a time of need. It’s a proven fact that we as a nation are the most generous in the entire world, with accountable dollars to back the argument. Unfortunately, the process of giving to charity is rife with the possibility for corruption, incompetence and manipulation or all the above.

So, have you ever Googled the Red Cross pie chart? In doing so, it’s quite a shocker, because rarely does more than 10% of your hard earned dollar ever go to the victims that you are giving to. And in case you are wondering what the biggest part of the pie goes to? It goes to their administration, aka salaries to the upper office staff, who are not sitting around partaking of the cheap-as-dirt coffee and donuts, more likely Moet and caviar. They sound so reminiscent of the IRS who a couple of years back got busted for throwing lavish office parties at your expense.

Yes, the Red Cross’ does bring in their big shiny mobiles which show up at every catastrophe and usually the staging grounds are at some local public school, with coffee donuts and a cot given to you by a volunteer, not a paid aid worker. So where do all those billions of dollars go? After all, the local do-gooders show up with water, clothing and baby items, again this is what we do as Americans. Yet, once the Red Cross person in charge gets custody of a reporter microphone they announce that they prefer you not to bring any more items, but please give money instead, although paraphrased, that is what was said recently here Houston, where parts of the city were devastated by floods.

Hmm, well if people have lost everything, as they did, then doesn’t it stand to reason that immediate need would be clothes, water, and baby items? These items were being delivered by the truck load by concerned fellow Houstonians. Yet the Red Cross wants your green money for more cots and coffee; I smell a rat.

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