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Is This the Worst Case of Head Lice Ever..Disgusting [VIDEO]

Head lice is not rare even in advanced countries such as the United States and Britain, but the case you are about to see is very extreme and if you are very sensitive, you may not want to watch the following video.  Just watching it made my head itch.  This case is from 2014 and could be the worst case ever.




The mother struggles to pull the comb through the coarse hair, which appears to be riddled with insects

An expert on headlice said this was one of the most extreme cases she has seen before in her salonsWhen fully grown, head lice are about the size of a sesame seed.

From the Mail Online:

They feed by biting the scalp and feeding on blood.

The females lay eggs close to the root of the hair so they are kept warm by the scalp, and these hatch into more lice which breed and multiply.

Dr Perotti added that in bad cases such as this one, children often develop a condition called ‘plica polonica’ – where all the hairs get glued together and cannot brushed.

She said: ‘This child was almost in that condition.

‘To treat it you have to cut off all the hair. At this moment, they should remove all the hair, to remove the nits – combing and shampoo would not work.’ 

She added the nits are glued with cement to the hair by the mother louse, very close to the skin.

She continued: ‘So you have to cut the hair very short so the female lice don’t lay eggs.

‘Even if the child gets treatment, they will still get lice for about a year, as the old nits become visible.’



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