U.S. Senate 51-48 Simple Majority Approves Measure To Launch The End of Obamacare

Apparently the establishment Republicans wanted to put a hold on ending Obamacare, probably wanted to do some polling, wait to see if they were called nasty names, and then Mitch McConnell would put on a dress and tell us all that he’s not so sure it should be done this year, maybe they’ll take it up next year instead.

But the establishment doesn’t have that option anymore. Donald Trump is lighting a fire under their bums to get things done right away, which is exactly how they should be done. If the GOP repeals Obamacare right away, and then passes legislation to build the wall, and then votes to cut taxes, and then passes bills to cut costly regulations, all at a rapid fire pace, it will overwhelm the Democrats while at the same time show the American people that real change is happening, and President Trump is a man of his word.

[Via: The Gateway Pundit]

The Beginning Of The End For Obamacare

The U.S. Senate on Thursday took the first major step toward dismantling Obamacare, voting at 1:30 a.m. to instruct key committees to draft legislation repealing President Barack Obama’s disastrous health insurance program.

The vote was 51-48. The resolution now goes to the House of Representatives, which is expected to vote on it this week. Ending Obamacare is one of the top priorities for the Republican party which has seen a major resurgence in the wake of a President that is falling apart as he nears his last day in office in just 8 days.

From Reuters:

Republicans have said that the process of repealing Obamacare could take months, and developing a replacement plan could take longer. But they are under pressure from Trump to act fast; he said on Wednesday that the repeal and replacement should happen “essentially simultaneously.“…

…Republicans have launched repeated legal and legislative efforts to unravel the law, criticizing it as government overreach. They say they want to replace it by giving states, not the federal government, more control.

The resolution approved Thursday instructs committees of the House and Senate to draft repeal legislation by a target date of January 27. Both chambers will then need to approve the resulting legislation before any repeal goes into effect.

Senate Republicans are using special budget procedures that allow them to repeal Obamacare by a simple majority; this way they don’t need Democratic votes. Republicans have a majority of 52 votes in the 100-seat Senate; one Republican, Senator Rand Paul, voted no on Thursday.

But Republicans say the system is not working. The average Obamacare premium is set to rise 25 percent in 2017.

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