Islamic Extremism

ISIS Punishes Their Fighters By Burning Them to Death


ISIS has once again proven how ruthless and radical they really are.  In retaliation against their fighters who did not fight to the death in Ramadi, the terrorist group burned to death.  They consider surrender of the city to be an embarrassment to the group and they are sending a message that if you fail, you’d better stay till the last man is dead.  It is truly a cruel and barbaric action on their part.

It reminds me of stories from the early and middle ages, when a messenger would bring news from the battlefield.  If the news was good, the messenger would be plied with food and drink and given a reward.  However, if the news was bad, the messenger would be put to death.  That’s where the phrase, “Don’t Shoot the Messenger” comes from.  The letter was always sealed for obvious reasons.

To further accentuate how truly barbaric this truly is, you need to understand why they ran.  Their entire force numbered only three hundred before the bombing took place and 10,000 Iraqi troops stormed the city.  Who knows how many survived the attacks before they fled.  The world hasn’t seen that kind of odds since Butch and Sundance decided to shoot it out in Bolivia.  By the way, that was the first gay western.  I mean after making the film, one started making salad dressing and the other started a film festival.

The Iraqi army is now expected to go after Mosul next and ISIS must have wanted to send a message to it’s fighters there.  It won’t work because they have a third choice.  They don’t have to fight to the death or get burned alive.  They merely have to throw their guns down and declare themselves to be Syrian refugees and Obama will present them with personally signed work permits, a house, food stamps, free heating and cooling, medical, education and possibly even a map to all of America’s infrastructure.

Or, if they really want to kill large amounts of Americans, they can use their free education to become abortion doctors.  Allahu Akbar!!

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