• June 26, 2022

ISIS Throws Iraqi Homosexual From Rooftop [GRAPHIC PHOTOS/VIDEO]

The Islamic State organization recently published pictures of the “sentencing” of a man suspected of homosexuality.

The organization’s headquarters in Iraq’s Nineveh district said in a statement that it carried out the provisions of Shariah Islamic law against men who are guilty of “the transgression of homosexuality.”

In the pictures (see above and below), an IS gunman is seen reading out the “indictment” to a crowd of bystanders and IS activists, after which a “defendant” was thrown to his death from a nearby rooftop.

Nineveh is the district in which the battle of Mosul is taking place, pitting IS forces against the Iraqi army and troops of the US-led international coalition.

The man’s “crime” was likely committed in the city where IS is fighting to keep its foothold in the wake of six months of bloody fighting.

However, IS’ propaganda organ insists on showing that it is unfazed by the offensive, and remains committed to spreading Shariah and Islamic rule.

Simultaneously, IS disseminated pictures of the organization’s mosques and charity unit in action in the southern Syrian town of Sahmam Aliawlan, showing the activists handing out religious material, giving lessons in local mosques and renovating houses of worship.

From the city of Raqqa, where IS also struggles to fend off a US- and Russian-backed Kurdish offensive, the organization published pictures of day-to-day commercial activity. However, unlike similar campaigns in the past, the pictures did not include a plethora of patrons.

This happens all over the Middle East, which is why I cannot understand American liberals being tolerant of such practices. Jihadists kill not just us infidels, but they kill their own kind for violating Shariah law.

In America we hear LGBT groups attacking the Trump administration ad nauseum for minuscule things compared to being thrown off a friggin roof, yet not one peep of praise from the same groups when President Trump wants to properly vet people coming from the Middle East into America who have zero paperwork, zero history of themselves, and could be ISIS terrorists acting like refugees.

The world already knows how Islam treats women and so I wonder why we don’t hear more from feminist groups about the dangers of merging a large percentage of Muslims into our population who don’t want to assimilate into our culture and society and who wish to continue to treat women here the way they do where they come from.

Sweden is now considered the rape capital of the world due to the amount of Muslims they have allowed into their country who believe it’s perfectly fine to rape a non-Muslim woman. Do American feminists think for a second that Muslim men coming here will not think it’s perfectly fine to rape a non-Muslim woman?

According to a poll done in 2015 51% of American Muslims want the choice of being governed by Shariah over the US Constitution. And guess what folks. HLGBT and women don’t do so well under Shariah law. So stop behaving according to your leftist ideology and start to think about what kind of society your indifferences are willing to manifest.

Here’s a video from 2016. WARNING this video is really graphic, but Americans need to see this to understand that Muslims bring this with them wherever they go. The people watching aren’t phased at all. It’s expected. Just because they migrate to other countries doesn’t mean they will stop doing this. They have shown everywhere they go that they do not want to assimilate.

You should be supporting Trump’s efforts to protect you, not attacking him because of your leftist ideology.


H/T Breitbart Jerusalem

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