• June 21, 2024

Islamist Terror Attacks Take Toll On Paris Tourism Business

What was the saying attributed to Margret Thatcher “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples money”. Which leads to this story, it seems tourism in Paris is reeling from all the terrorism that has taken place.There were a million fewer visitors between January and June compared with the same period in 2015.The drop is estimated to have cost about €750m (£644m) in lost revenue. It will be interesting now to see what will happen in this most beautiful of cities.

According to BBC.com:

The board says that even the staging of the European football championships failed to arrest the decline.
The Ile-de-France figures also show:
A 46.2% decline in Japanese visitors compared with the same period in 2015
A 35% decline in Russian visitors
A 19.6% decline in Chinese visitors
A 5.7% decline in visitors from the US
“It’s time to realise that the tourism sector is going through an industrial disaster,” Paris region tourist board head Frederic Valletoux said in a statement.

These are big numbers especially for Paris which is one of the most visited cities in all the world. The migrant element is a huge problem and will take much to correct. When you let uneducated third world migrants mixed with Islamist terrorists, you are ripe for chaos. What can most do but feed off the system, but where do they live but the streets and rob the weak. Who wants to be part of this? So the tourists stay away. The paths are going to cross soon and we will see who prevails. What do you think?


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