• June 17, 2024

It’s Valentine’s Day and She’s a Cheater… Watch What Her Boyfriend Does [VIDEO]

It’s getting close to Valentine’s Day and you just found out your girlfriend is cheating on you.  What do you do?  You break up with her naturally, however how you do that can be important.  One boyfriend didn’t bring the subject up as he waited for Valentine’s Day.  He picked her up on the big day and handed her a heart shape box, just before getting out of the car and locking all the doors.

 In this anonymous video, a man who has found out that his girlfriend cheated on him exacts a terrible revenge.

Instead of confronting her and breaking off the relationship, he carries on as if he knows nothing about her infidelity, until Valentine’s Day.

As a hidden camera captures the event on videotape, we see him pick up his unsuspecting lover in his car, and then hand her a heart shaped box of chocolates. He then exists the car, and locks all the doors.

When the cheating girlfriend opens the box, she is surprised by a swarm of cockroaches. And, she can not escape the car.

Just. Ew.

While this may have provided the man with a certain smug sense of revenge, we thought it may be a good idea to see how an adult might actually handle a breakup.

What do you think?  Too harsh?  Not harsh enough?  Just right?  Personally, I think the worst thing you can do to someone in a relationship is to cheat on your partner.  That’s the unforgivable sin.  I like what he did.  No physical harm to her.  She got what she deserved.



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