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Ivanka Trump Winning Boycott War Bigly

When will the leftist boycotters learn?  They were the ones that started the retail game of school yard not playing nicely in the sandbox, and now they are the ones with the message getting lost as the Deplorables pile on.  The lefties pressured various retailers – including “the customer is always right even when they are wrong” Nordstrom – into dropping Ivanka Trump’s brand.  (The official party line of the retailers was that her line wasn’t selling, but without seeing the balance sheets there is no way to know if that is true.)  Now, with several other retailers following suit, American Deplorables are piling back on the Trump train to at least purchase SOMETHING from Ivanka’s inventory just to show support if nothing else.

Which is most likely why Ivanka’s signature perfume is now the number one best seller on Amazon.  Check this out.

ivanka perfume

More than one commenter on various websites and Twitter claimed that they were purchasing the perfume to make a point, not caring what it actually smells like.  Others may just want to be riding a popularity wave.  Still more are fighting a sort of cultural war with the left using the power of the purse.

The petty #GrabYourWallet campaign is all about boycotting companies with ties to the Trump family.  It was started by leftists hell bent on bringing down The Donald and his populist message.  Little did the lefties realize that the American people can fight back with their own wallets when challenged, or when their cause is maligned.  It is the lesson that playing nice in the sandbox teaches…and is one that American leftists have yet to learn.

P.S. When Ivanka’s clothing line has a clearance sale, some of the rest of us will be happy to join in the buycott.

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