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BOOM Best Manufacturing Numbers Since Reagan: Making America Great Again [VIDEO]

President Trump is making America UnObama again.  Remember when Obama looked into the camera and told the American people that these manufacturing jobs were never coming back?  Well, maybe Obama was counting on Hillary succeeding him.


The NY numbers on manufacturing earlier in the week were much better than expected but the numbers coming out of Philadelphia are off the charts.  The numbers are the highest since 1983 under Ronald Reagan.

Charles Payne of Fox Business News reported:

I will say there is a lot of evidence building that the American renaissance in manufacturing has begun. Now you and I are both nerds so I was extremely excited when the empire fed came out for manufacturing in New York. That was on Wednesday. Yesterday, the Philly Fed report was mind-boggling. Neil, I went through all the data and I had to go back to 1983 for a higher number. It is mind-boggling! This is not symptoms. These are manufacturers and their orders are coming in HUGE!




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