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Young Gymnast Offers a Preview of the Future Olympics [VIDEO and Pictures]

Absolutely Amazing.  That’s what you will say when you see this pint sized gymnast.  She can twist and turn and do gymnastic moves that even the world’s top women gymnasts can’t do.  She’s amazing.


Sporting glasses and a high ponytail, a young girl dazzles the camera with her amazing gymnastics and contortionist routine in a new video that appears to have been recorded by her parents.

Dressed in bold pink leggings and a pink, grey, and violet crop top, the girl shows off her most impressive contortion abilities while smiling at the camera.

Using only a stripped gym mat for cushion and two small pommel horses to balance on, the pint-sized gymnast puts on an Olympic-worthy show.


Dazzling smile: A pint-sized gymnast dressed in violet shows of her contortionist routine

The perfect routine: Using only a small gym mat and two mini balancing beams, the spunky youngster uses her legs and arms to create the letters T and V

Not a one-trick pony: The flexible kid moves on to her most difficult act yet

Olympics-worthy performance! Despite all of her bending and twisting, the contortionist¿s glasses stay firmly on her smiling face

Smiling brightly at the camera, the girl gives her audience a small wave before starting her body-bending act.

Balancing her hands on the pommel horses in front of her, the bendy tween swiftly lifts her knees to her underarms before pushing her legs straight into the air, emulating the letter T.

And yet, the act doesn’t end there. The violet-clothed contortionist proves her skills go far beyond basic gymnastic balancing and lifting. Next, she bends her legs in front of her head and body fully, before straightening up and landing on her feet in an eloquent pose.



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