• August 11, 2022

After All The Remarks of Contempt For Ted Cruz, Here’s The Latest of The GOP Establishment to Endorse Him

In an election that has been defined as an “anti-establishment” barn burning, and one of the key players in that process who has made his reputation on thwarting establishment has now been supported by most, of the establishment king makers.

Today, Jeb Bush threw his support behind Ted Cruz. So, what does that say to all the anti-establishment voters who lined up behind Cruz for the primary reason he has been a thorn in the side of the establishment Republican Party?

CNN Politics suggests that the support of Cruz is not so much an endorsement of him but a slap against Trump.

Bush’s endorsement of the Texas senator comes one month after he ended his own bid for the GOP presidential nomination — a campaign that failed to gain support in the shadow of Trump’s oversized personality and a fractured field that, at one time, had 17 Republican candidates actively pursuing the White House.
During the campaign, Bush did not cloak his contempt for Trump, who he described as a “bully” and “not a conservative.”
On Wednesday, Bush again emphasized his disapproval of Trump, the GOP front-runner, and warned that if the New York businessman secures the Republican nomination, Democrats will win the White House in November.
“For the sake of our party and country, we must move to overcome the divisiveness and vulgarity Donald Trump has brought into the political arena, or we will certainly lose our chance to defeat the Democratic nominee and reverse President Obama’s failed policies,” Bush said in the statement.

Hmmm. The Washington Post has picked up on the idea that all of these establishment hacks may not leave the best impression on anti establishment voters.

Don’t mistake the establishment’s rallying behind Cruz as genuine support for either the man or his ideas. There is a roughly zero percent chance that Jeb Bush, for instance, thinks Ted Cruz is a great pick to be the Republican nominee or would be a great president. He doesn’t. Neither does Romney. And you know Lindsey Graham doesn’t. The lining-up behind Cruz is solely aimed at trying to stop Trump from getting to 1,237 delegates before the Republican National Convention.

What the establishment hopes will happen then is not that Cruz will become the nominee — remember, they still don’t like him — but that the Texas Republican, having served his purpose by keeping it from Trump, will be replaced by a more palatable alternative like, say, Kasich. Of course, this is the most wishful of thinking since it’s virtually impossible to imagine that the convention delegates will pass over not only the candidate with the most delegates but also the candidate with the second-most delegates in order to pick someone who may only win a single state in the primary and caucus process.

All of this may be for naught as the summer conventions may take another sinister turn to burn Cruz if he makes it that far. It’s hard to believe Cruz will be the chosen one should the back, smoke filled rooms conjure up another Republican favorite to overthrow the people’s choices.

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