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Jill Stein Cashes Out Big Time on Recount Ripoff

Jill Stein will walk away with at least two million dollars from the seven plus million she raised.  Jill Stein is rumored to have run for president but given the fact that even Gary Johnson kicked her ass that point could be argued by both sides with equal credibility.  She tried to resurrect herself by arranging a meeting between her lips and Hillary’s arse in demanding recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.


Her recount in Wisconsin was a flop after it was discovered that only Trump had been cheated out of votes.  Pennsylvania failed because she tried to last minute it in order to prevent them from finishing. But the judge saw right through her and Michigan wasn’t even close.

From The Conservative Tribune:

Stein, of course, claimed not to be satisfied with the Wisconsin recount, saying that the money spent yielded “half” a recount.

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For crying out loud, Jill.

The Washington Free Beacon also reported that “Stein, whose team did not return numerous requests for comment, announced that the remaining funds go towards her continued “fight for election integrity.”

Congratulations liberals — you were bamboozled. Again.

So how does the money get spent for election integrity?  Actually anyway Jill Stein decides to spend it.  She is the one who set the rules and she said what she would spend it on and not how she spends it.

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