• January 24, 2022

Two ISIS Terrorists Wearing Explosives Shot Dead By Cop [VIDEO]

The moment a heroic police officer shot dead two ISIS terrorists in Saudi Arabia has been caught on film.

The shootout between the terrorists, who were wearing explosive belts, and police officers, took place towards the north of the Saudi capital Riyadh.

Police were given information that a group of terrorists were making explosives and carried out a dawn raid. However, the suspects refused to surrender and it ended in a shootout, with shocked local residents watching it unfold.



Credit: Unknown


According to the Daily Mail, the terrorists are believed to have taken a hostage during the incident.

A video, which was filmed from a nearby window, shows the men armed with guns approaching the officers. They get right up to the vehicle when the officer seizes the chance to shoot the men at point blank rage.

The officer is now recovering in hospital but it doesn’t appear he was hit.

[H/T: The LADbible]

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