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Josh Earnest Refuses to Categorically Deny Trump Was Wire tapped [VIDEO]

Josh Earnest interviewed with ABC’s Martha Raddatz on Sunday.  Raddatz then asked Earnest if the Obama White House had President Donald Trump wire tapped during the campaign.  Earnest immediately denied that it had.  Raddatz wanted to nail it down and asked Earnest if he could categorically deny the charges.  Earnest’s first answer provided him with plausible deniability but the direct question took that away, as well as Earnest’s denial.


“Here’s the simple answer to that question, Martha,” Earnest finally answered. “I don’t know, and it’s not because I’m no longer in government.”

“The fact is, even when I was in government, I was not in a position of being regularly briefed on an FBI criminal or counterintelligence investigation.”


From all the denial we are hearing it’s beginning to look like this story has legs.  I’m curious to find out what the press says about the scandal if proven true.  Will they call it a bigger scandal than Watergate?  Barack Obama has a long history of tapping phones and a short history of telling the truth.



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