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Joy Villa’s Album Sales Explodes Within Hours of Wearing Trump MAGA Dress

Last night, Joy Villa became a star.  Villa shocked the liberal sensibilities (oxymoron) of the attendees of the Grammys by wearing a dress that said Make America Great Again on the front and Trump on the back.  And at the precise time that those same liberals are seeing a deep decline in attendance for their movies (Right Leo, Matt, George?)  Villa’s record sales have simply exploded.


Before her appearance her record sales ranked  #543,202, but by midnight she had moved up the charts to number 3.  She passed both Beyonce and Lady gaga.  That represents a 18,106,633% increase in sales.

At the same time men and women who dwell in Mama’s basement, collecting food stamps reacted negatively.  But before you judge them harshly, consider this, they might not react that way if God had given them a fully functional brain.

From The Gateway Pundit:







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