• May 27, 2024

Judge having spoken, D.C. officials consider allowing residents to carry guns

To carry or not to carry? That is no longer the question.
One month after a federal judge’s ruling, District officials have conceded that the city’s long-standing ban on carrying guns in public must be scrapped and replaced with a new law that will allow at least some law-abiding city residents to bear arms on city streets.

With only a 90-day stay of the ruling in place, the effort to write a new law is on a fast track, but it remains fraught with political, legal and policy complications. Among the issues to be resolved: Will the city allow only the open carrying of arms, “concealed carry,” or both? Will “sensitive areas” near national landmarks or government buildings be deemed gun-free zones? And to what extent will non-resident gun owners be permitted to bring their weapons into the city?

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