• June 17, 2024

Judge Learns What Anti-Trump BLM Leader Did To Children, Now He’s Paying The HUGE Price

Over the past year,  the anti-Trump protesters have been rioting and causing havoc. Their antics have often been dismissed by the media as free speech as they destroy cities and create more division. While the media paints these protesters as peaceful activists we have often found that many of them have criminal records. Well, it looks like another one of these protesters leaders has committed a crime and what it is will turn your stomach.

A leader of Portland’s anti-Trump resistance movement, Micah Rhodes, age 23, has been charged with four counts of second-degree sex abuse.  KGW Portland reported that Rhodes first appeared in court on January 30, 2017, and he was charged with statutory rape. Rhodes who is the self-proclaimed leader of Portland’s Resistance, which so happened to be the group that led violent and disorderly anti-Trump protests recently.

In the affidavit, this disgusting predator’s is accused of having sex with a teenage boy but to protect the victim his name was withheld. When the police interviewed Rhodes, he waived his Miranda rights and admitted to having sex with an underage male teenager and a female teenager.

Micah Rhodes

What is interesting to note is that Rhodes is already registered as a sex offender for a previous crime. The affidavit confirmed, that in 2015 Rhodes had told them that he sex with the male victim, and that he was on probation at the time for First-Degree Sex Abuse and First-Degree Sodomy.

According to KOIN 6, the Oregon State Police confirmed on Monday, January 30, 2017, that Rhodes was a registered sex offender.  The OSP said that Rhodes’ name does not appear on the state sex offender registry because he was not considered “predatory” and because his conviction was as a juvenile.  Details of those convictions are not available because juvenile cases are confidential.

Micah Rhodes mugshot

What is disgusting is that this animal had a criminal record and was working with high school students. What is also is ironic is that he is a part of the Black Lives Matter group and leads protests against Trump. These people who protest President Trump call him a rapist but employ those who actually rape children?

I guess this is the new politically correct America, and I can only change and fast.

H/T [ KOIN ]

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