JUST IN: Deleted Database In Maricopa County Has Been Recovered!

The audit happening in Arizona is fascinating to watch and see what actually occurred last November 3rd to say the very least. Now that audit has sparked multiple audits in other states such as Michigan, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin to check their state’s election integrity.

Yeah, so it is safe to say it is getting pretty serious, right?

And, that is exactly what we all knew would happen since we all saw the election being stolen right before our very eyes.

Now, not only have the auditors in Arizona discovering the original fraud there but it looks like we are about to prove the SECOND fraud when they tried to delete the files during the Audit.

If you weren’t sure if this is highly illegal, it is.

Those who did this are looking at jail time if convicted and also could be convicted of treason too.

I have watched enough ID Channel know that covering up for a crime is the same as committing the crime.

Watch this amazing testimony that came out today:

And here it is on Rumble to see the whole thing:

Here is the FULL version:

Full video:




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