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Kaepernick Makes His Return: Loses by 45-16 Score



Things got so bad for Kaepernick today that he went home and tried to commit suicide but someone intercepted the bullet.  From the moment he took his knee until the game was over, he was the target of almost every Bills fan in the stadium.  Kaepernick made it easy for them with his terrible performance.  He hit 13 of 29 for 187 yards of passing with one TD pass.  The rest of the team did not play well either but some of that can be from the distraction Kaepernick has become by insisting that he needs to disrespect America that made him rich and famous.

Kaepernick signed an amended contract, removing injury clauses in order to get a chance to play and audition for interested teams, but coinsidering the booing he got, teams will think twice about signing him.  They don’t need the headache or the loss in paid attendance.  And even if a team was willing to chance that, who would want to sign this has been anyway?

Kaepernick did play better than the QB he replaced but it’s the difference between playing badly and playing really badly.  Jock itch is better than gonorrhea but you’d be hard pressed to find anyone that wants either.


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