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[VIDEO] Lou Dobbs: 18 Million Invalid Voters and Millions of Dead Ones


For many years, liberals have used illegal or dead voters to provide the margin of victory in elections.  That is why they are so dead set against voter ID laws and voters having to prove they are citizens eligible to vote.  Liberals declare that voter ID laws and citizen checks are discriminatory and place poor minorities at a disadvantage.  (Especially when they are illegal aliens or dead)  But let me ask you this.  Do poor  minority voters collect food stamps, welfare, Medicaid, HUD, HEAP and Obama phones?  Sure they do.  Getting those benefits require a valid ID and proof of citizenship.

A report on illegal voting was presented on the Lou Dobbs Show.  The report claims 1 out of every 8 votes are  “significantly inaccurate” and are “no longer valid”.  Out of those, 2 million are dead people who usually vote 100% democratic.

From The US Herald:

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitten responded to the new Pew Report stating; “The best solution would be to reform the system in the long run more voter ID citizenship verification. In the short run, the American people should pressure law enforcement to prosecute voting fraud. This can be done at the local, state, and federal level.

However Charlie Hurt a Washington Times staff writer points out that voter fraud is a lot worst then one illegal vote, in that for every one fraudulent vote cast, it cancels out one legitimate vote, therefore it’s doubly egregious.


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