• May 24, 2024

Karma George Clooney’s Lake Como Hideaway Has Become Migrant Camp

It’s not funny, for one reason I love Italy, it is very beautiful. To see this migrant situation as it unfolds unsettles many people, and definitely builds anger in the populace.  So to see Lake Como go through this is sad. But then again to see “Gorgeous George” get a taste of it is quite satisfying. Clooney’s smugness is being tested and everyone is waiting for his next comments on the situation, or is he at one of his other villa’s where it doesn’t interfere with his deep thoughts?

According to Daily Mail.co.uk:

Lake Como has long served as a tranquil paradise for the rich and famous, including George Clooney and Madonna.
But the town’s railway station has been transformed into a makeshift camp, where the families live surrounded by discarded clothes, shoes, food containers and even rats.
Tensions are mounting in the luxury resort with more tents springing up every hour as more people arrive from Milan on their journey to northern Europe.

It only becomes a problem to the elites when it affects their pocket books. Until it cuts into a persons everyday affairs it’s not noticed. But to the little guy, when his rent goes up, or insurance, the price of food it is a major impact. But when you have wealth, it takes a bit of time to impact. Now George is getting a taste. Maybe the most beautiful man in the world will take note. Somehow I do not think so. What do you think?

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