Keystone Pipeline Work Just UNLOADED On Joe Biden! [VIDEO]

I have been through several jobs in my life and in many of them, it had nothing to do with my performance why I lost the job. It usually happened at the same time everyone else lost theirs too.

It’s a sad thing when someone gets let go and they had nothing that they could do and it was just some awful business decision.

Right now, Joe Biden is doing that with the lives of the American people. He is taking honest people’s jobs and getting rid of them because of a pissing match with Donald Trump.

Crabtree blasted the Biden Administration for their decision to shutdown the Keystone Pipeline project, which resulted in him being laid off from his job.

The newly unemployed blue collar worker talked about the lack of opportunities in the Wind and Solar fields compared to his former employment in the Oil & Gas industry.

The emotional and heartbreaking Fox News interview is embedded below:

Crabtree criticized the Biden Administration for putting additional Americans out of work in the middle of a pandemic without any realistic options for them in the short term.

National Security experts have pointed out that shutting down the Keystone XL Pipeline project helps U.S. adversaries like Iran and Russia.

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