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What’s being built (or unbuilt) next to the White House in Lafayette Park?

There is so much information flying right now on the internet that most of us do not know what is true and what is not at all. However, that is to be expected considering that we live in a world where so much has been kept from the American people and the mainstream media helps in spreading lies.

Since the inauguration, we all have noticed some very strange happenings going on in Washington D.C. including a heavy military presence and fences with barbed wire popping up all over the place. There have been reports that the White House has been dark for the last 12 days and little to no movement occurring around the area as well.

Then there are the structures that have been seen that have all of us scratching our heads wondering what those have to do with anything at all. Thankfully, there are citizen journalists out there that are willing to go out and find out what is happening in the nation’s Capitol and report back to us.

YouTube content creator with the handle penguinsix, posted on his channel what he was seeing on the streets on D.C., giving us all a close-up look of the weird coming and going near and around the White House.


After watching this video, it did clear some things up for me but it did add more questions.

Such as, why did they even build the scaffold when they knew there wasn’t going to be a parade for the inauguration. Also, why were there two riot fences near the BLM protest zone? Why were all the BLM posters taken down from that area? When I was there this past November, there were tons of signage and posters all over that wall and now they are all gone.

Who really knows what is going on but at least we all have a better look at what is happening in D.C. since we sure as hell the mainstream media won’t show it.

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