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Kim Jong-un Executes Senior Officials With a ..WTH?

We all knew that Kim Jong-un was a sick puppy but I’m not sure anyone knew just how really sick he is.  North Korea Security Chief Kim Won-hong was fired last month for corruption, abuse and torture.  Five people from Won-hong’s office were charged with filing fake reports.  (Holy CNN, NYT, LAT and PMSDNC, Batman)  Imagine if we did that here?


They say the false reports angered Jong-un.  That became apparent once it was discovered how he executed the five….with an anti-aircraft gun.  That is literally overkill.  They had to clean them up with a mop.

The NIS did not reveal how it obtained information regarding the most recent executions. As inside information about the internal affairs of the reclusive North Korean state is hard to come by, the accuracy of such reports is, to a certain extent, questionable.


Kim Jong-un reportedly has an affinity for killing people with anti-aircraft guns, the bullets for which would rip a human being apart.

North Korea allegedly executed two other senior officials — former agricultural minister Hwang Min and senior education ministry official Ri Yong-jin — with an anti-aircraft gun last year.

Ri dozed off during a meeting with the supreme leader, and Hwang pushed policies inconsistent with those preferred by Kim.

Since taking over North Korea Jong-un has executed an estimated 300 officials in an effort to consolidate his power.

Since he took power in 2011, Kim Jong-un is suspected to have murdered at least 300 people, among which are around 140 senior officials, in an attempt to secure his grip on power.

While Kim has a certain love for the anti-aircraft gun, North Korea has many execution methods. Some people have been poisoned, and others have been executed by firing squad. Former Vice Minister of the Army Kim Chol and former Deputy Defense Minister Kim Yong Chun were obliterated by mortar rounds. Former Deputy Minister of Public Security O Sang-hon was bound to a stake and burned alive with a flame thrower.



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