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Robert Reich: Democratic Apparatus In Complete Disarray – Worst Shape Since 1920’s [VIDEO]

It was just a matter of time before Democrats found themselves in such disrepute with the country.  The Democratic Party has a strong history of darkness and evil, from slavery to Jim Crow and segregation, the Democratic Party should have fallen apart a long time ago.


Decades ago the party decided that voter exploitation was the way to win majorities and power.  Trading the real-world plantation for the government/political plantation where they created systems that made sure their constituents were dependent upon government in order to maintain constituencies that would vote for their own increases in handouts.

Add to that the relationship built with the public sector unions that went along with a decades old pay-for-play racket that assured whole blocks of voters to be delivered every election for the minor crime of Democrat politicians abandoning their Constitutional obligations to rig laws in the favor of their benefactors, the unions.

Over time the Democrats created so much grit that it became impossible to sustain as they ran out of other people’s money.  That’s when Democrats started telling hard working Americans they weren’t working hard enough and demanded more from them in the form of rising taxes.

Today, Americans are sick and tired of the same old establishment system of exploitation where politicians keep their jobs no matter what they do in office and get rich off the system at the same time, while working class people lose their jobs, their livelihoods and lifetime savings all in the name a Democratic Party socialism.


H/T Breitbart News

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” former Clinton administration Secretary of Labor Robert Reich said, “the Democratic Party has not been in this bad shape since the 1920’s.”

Reich said, “Right now, there is a disconnect, George, between a rather sclerotic Democratic apparatus which is in complete disarray. I mean the Democratic Party has not been in this bad shape since the 1920’s and a huge uprising at the grassroots, mostly against Trump. How can Tom Perez, can he actually utilize that, turn the Democratic Party from a vast fund-raising machine into a movement?”

“Hasn’t been done before very easily. you remember in the Vietnam war days, we had a huge uprising. but the Democratic Party had nothing to do with that. The thing that worries me most of all, if you look at the problems inside the Democratic Party, they have a lot to do with the same sort of populist uprising we’re seeing across the country, including the Donald Trump campaign.”

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