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Kim Jong-Un Puts on Largest Military Display Ever in N Korea [VIDEO]

Kim JJong-Un put on a large display of his military firepower in an effort to convice the United States and other countries that he can wreck havoc on them if he is attacked. Somehow I don’t think it will work. I got to hear a tape of Maddog Mattis watching the video. (Not really but play along with me)


Gen Mattis: “Oh, I can kill him and I can kill him. Him I can kill twice. Hey, do any of you candy asses know how much scrap metal from tanks is bringing this week?”

Hundreds of tanks were lined up along the eastern coastal town of Wonsan in a show of military strength to celebrate 85 years since the North Korean army was created.

Kim saluted the military as he watched the exercises on Tuesday, which involved the firing of more than 300 large-calibre artillery pieces and included submarine torpedo-attacks.

Just one day later, South Korea conducted joint military live-fire drills with the US at Seungjin fire training field in Pocheon, South Korea, near the border with North Korea.

The South’s Yonhap news agency cited a government source as saying the exercise was the North’s ‘largest ever’.

Meanwhile, a senior analyst warned that the back-and-forth threats between the US and North Korea could cause a needless stumble into war.

On Monday, President Donald Trump said dictator Jong-Un isn’t as strong as he claims to be, and he blamed the international community for not doing more to rein him in.

The ‘status quo’ on North Korea is ‘unacceptable,’ Trump told members of the United Nations Security Council at the White House.

‘The council must be prepared to impose additional and stronger sanctions,’ Trump said.

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