• May 17, 2022

Kindergarten Teacher in Trouble After Reportedly Slapping, Harassing a “Bad Muslim Boy”

An elementary school in Charlotte, North Carolina faces harsh scrutiny after one of their teachers allegedly bullied a kindergarten student.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said on Wednesday that a 5-year-old at David Cox Road Elementary School suffered all sorts of harassment.

The statement quoted a letter that CAIR Civil Rights Staff Attorney Maha Sayed wrote to the local school board.

In this letter, she said the child was “routinely” singled out, and forced to carry a heavy backpack all day. This caused him “significant back pain.”

On Nov. 16, the teacher reportedly even choked the student until another teacher separated them.

“[The teacher] would also treat [the student] harshly and reportedly called him ‘bad Muslim boy’ on multiple occasions,” she wrote in the letter.

CAIR now demands into an investigation, and they cite parts of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools spokeswoman Renee McCoy told CBS News that they’re investigating the allegations, but said she can’t comment further in part because it is Thanksgiving season and many employees are unavailable.

If these allegations are true, and I assume they are, I feel this teacher should be suspended immediately. I don’t care what the kid does, what color, or religion he is, or what kind of day the teacher is having, this is completely unacceptable behavior from the adult. Especially against a five year old. Pathetic.

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