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Las Vegas Cop Gets Flooded With Beer While Writing a Ticket [VIDEO]

Usually a policeman or woman would lose their job over having beer while on duty.  One lucky Las Vegas cop has hundreds of gallons of beer during one shift and will not even receive a reprimand.  Traffic cop Travis Smaka is that lucky officer.  He was writing a ticket for a motorist when a beer truck lost it’s load and swamped him.  The action was caught on his dash cam.  The ironic part is that the river of beer hit him just as he was asking the driver if he had anything to drink that night.


‘Just as I ask the question, I hear the sound that always gets the hairs on my neck standing up, of brakes locking up.’ 

Smaka, who is a Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper, likened the rush of beer to a ‘tidal wave’ and said while the video was funny, it pointed to how dangerous the trucks can be on the road.


The driver Smaka had pulled over wasn’t drunk but had been speeding.

He let him off without a ticket in light of the soaking.

The cop himself was left in a drenched uniform. 

‘That was one of the funny things I was thinking about afterwards. 

‘I just picked up my uniform at the dry cleaners and then I was soaked head to toe in beer!’ he said.

It’s not clear how the 18-wheeler beer truck lost its load. 

Trooper Jason Buratczuk said the video served as a ‘serious reminder of what happens on the freeway when people do cut in front of semis.’ 

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