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Snooze Alarm Saves a Man’s Life the Very First Time He Uses It

Indiana resident Raymond Bowling is an unusual man.  He wakes up with his alarm clock, gets out of bed and prepares for the day.  That is until one day when just as he was getting out of bed, he decided to hit the snooze alarm for the first time ever and he’s so glad he did.  Storms had been raging through the area and had heavily damaged 20 mobile homes.


While Bowling lay in bed, he heard a crashing sound and went to explore what had been the cause of it.  No doubt what he saw had him thanking God for the snooze alarm, because had he gotten up, he very well could have been dead.  A very large tree branch fell through his roof and landed in his bathroom between the toilet and the sink.

Had it hit him there is no doubt he could have been dead.  His life was saved only by his snooze alarm.


Of course he will have to deal with the hole in his roof, but had it hit him chances are it would have ruined his entire day.

From The US Herald:

Bowling wrote in part:

“Laid back down and this happened just minutes afterwards.

Good Lord was looking out for me for sure…”

He told WAVE 3 that hitting the snooze button wasn’t a regular habit:

“I had actually stood up to go to the bathroom to get ready for work but decided to let the snooze go off one more time and laid back down. I never do that.

The limb came through literally minutes later before the snooze went off again. And that’s exactly where I would have been standing.”

It’s amazing how a nudge to do something — even if it’s just this once — can mean more than we imagine.


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