• September 30, 2022

Latinos Protest Hillary…Call Her a Murderer

Supporters of Honduras' ousted President Manuel Zelaya clash with Honduran soldiers near the Nicaragua border in Paraiso, Honduras, Friday, July 24, 2009. Zelaya's supporters traveled to the remote border between Honduras and Nicaragua to support Zelaya's bid to reclaim the presidency from the government that ousted him in a June 28 coup. (AP Photo/ Eduardo Verdugo)

Hillary Clinton was run out of a campaign stop in Los Angeles after Latinos shouter her down and one called her a murderer for her part in the coup in the Honduras.  Watch as her campaign staff manhandles the protester, almost knocking him to the ground then is bear hugged and carried away.  Think the press will play this up?

Hillary played a major role in the coup and went along with disallowing the democratically elected president to return, sending the country into utter chaos.  Here is a partial transcript from The Democracy Now show with Amy Goodman:

AMY GOODMAN: Let’s talk about Honduras. I want to go to Hillary Clinton in the 2009 coup in Honduras that ousted the democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya. In her memoir, Hard Choices, Hillary Clinton wrote about the days following the coup. She wrote, quote, “In the subsequent days I spoke with my counterparts around the hemisphere, including Secretary [Patricia] Espinosa [in] Mexico. We strategized on a plan to restore order in Honduras and ensure that free and fair elections [could] be held quickly and legitimately, which would render the question of Zelaya moot,” unquote.

Since the coup, Honduras has become one of the most dangerous places in the world. In 2014, the Honduran environmental activist Berta Cáceres spoke about Hillary Clinton’s role in the 2009 coup. This is the woman who was assassinated last week in La Esperanza, Honduras. But she spoke about Hillary Clinton’s role in the 2009 coup with the Argentine TV program Resumen Latinoamericano.

BERTA CÁCERES: [translated] We’re coming out of a coup that we can’t put behind us. We can’t reverse it. It just kept going. And after, there was the issue of the elections. The same Hillary Clinton, in her book, Hard Choices, practically said what was going to happen in Honduras. This demonstrates the meddling of North Americans in our country. The return of the president, Mel Zelaya, became a secondary issue. There were going to be elections in Honduras. And here, she, Clinton, recognized that they didn’t permit Mel Zelaya’s return to the presidency. There were going to be elections. And the international community—officials, the government, the grand majority—accepted this, even though we warned this was going to be very dangerous and that it would permit a barbarity, not only in Honduras but in the rest of the continent. And we’ve been witnesses to this.

Berta Caceres was expected to cause trouble for the Clinton campaign but that won’t happen as Caceres was assassinated last week.


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