• June 21, 2024

Law Requiring Voter I.D. Upheld By 7th Circuit Court in Wisconsin

If this could possibly be upheld on election day, there might be some sense of clarity and truth by the end of the evening. No more clinging chads, so to speak. NBC News reports that today, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals voted unanimously that Wisconsin’s law requiring photo identification to vote may take effect for the upcoming November elections. The court’s jurisdiction stretch’s into the Chicago area, which makes this all the more interesting.  What a stretch this is, having to prove you are a citizen of the country, so you can partake in the voting process. Everything else, including cashing a check needs I.D., but for voting for the most important office in the land, is another story.

According to Federalist Papers:

This is great news for anybody who wants our elected leaders to have actually been, y’know, elected. The mainstream media may have hysterically, condescendingly dismissed of Donald Trump’s talk of the election possibly being rigged, but Trump fans and apologists are the only ones who see the danger.

I find it appalling in this day and age, that even our election process has been compromised to a point where we cannot trust our elected officials to do the right thing. Just think, all anyone wants is for legal American citizens to cast a vote and then be counted by trust worthy officials. But that cannot even happen now-a-days. I tend to think it is easier to manipulate polling data electronically counted then other ways. I am sure there is one political party scheming in a back room as we speak, wondering how votes can be counted.

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