• June 17, 2024

Lawsuit Against 4 NYC Cops dropped After Witness Admitted He Hillaryed


A trial against four NYC police officers was promptly dropped against four New York City police officers, accused of savagely beating Lucas Zelaya, after he admitted he Hillaryed (Lied under oath) against the officers.  The judge immediately threw the case out and offered his apologies to three of the officers, who were in court,  Capt. Richard Brea and Officers Tardasha Crandell and Arshad Juman.  Zelaya’s lawyer also shook hands and apologized to the officers.

The charges were brought after Zelaya was taken into custody for public intoxication and carrying an open container.  He couldn’t producer any ID, so he was taken to the station house until he could prove his identity.  Zelaya did suffer a broken ankle but it is unclear how that happened.  Zelaya said at the time that he was attacked by three white Italian officers and one Hispanic.  However, the officers who were sued contained no Hispanic and one black female officer.

From The New York Daily News:

After Zelaya said he now wanted to tell the truth, Judge Frederic Block sent the jury out of the court and said, “He’s changing his testimony completely. . . in light of the fact that he acknowledged that he lied under oath. . . I don’t think you have much of a case here.”

“Perhaps an apology might be appropriate to these police officers . . . I’ll do it on your behalf,” Block told Zelaya’s lawyer Michael Caliguiri.

“Absolutely,” Caliguiri agreed.

Judge Frederic Block told the officers:

“I’m sure you folks are mature enough to understand this is just the way our process works in our great country and you’re not going to harbor any resentment toward Mr. Zelaya or anybody else.”

“I’m a professional also and we have to always be mindful of that and not take umbrage because your time has been imposed upon here inappropriately and I hope that my comments to you would embolden you to continue with your excellent work as police officers and it’s a tough job, we know that.”

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